About Rachelle

Rachelle If there is one thing that I strongly believe in, it is that you can be the best and achieve anything in life when you commit 100%! The definition of a personal trainer to me, is not just to lead my clients to success to get in better shape, but to become exceptional in every aspect of their life! Physically, mentally and spiritually! I sincerely care about each of my clients and nothing is more rewarding to me than to see them achieve anything and everything under the sun.

I am a certified personal trainer, with credentials from ISSA, NFPT, NCSF and have completed a Nutrition Specialist course through Ashworth College. I am a NPC figure competitor, completed half marathons, a Tough Mudder,  Super Spartans (Beast is soon!) and many other various events. And yes, right next to several of my clients. We set goals together and succeed together! I am looking forward to gain your confidence and trust in me to lead you to the same victory! No goal is too big or too small, and together we can be #1!

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