Skype Fitness Training- Train from anywhere

personal-training-skypeAren’t able to leave home whether its because of work or a child? Or maybe you don’t like working out in a gym atmosphere?  Do you enjoy working out at home with videos or on the television? Skype training is the answer to all!  YOU CAN LIVE ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD! As an online client, I am still able to correct your form and give you the same attention as in person.  I email my clients monthly calendars with what is expected and what we are working on that month. I check in with my clients daily about their cardio or other “homework”, nutrition, etc.  I also keep my clients 100% accountable with nutrition, which is at least 70% of your fitness program.  Skype training is a great option because all you need is a few pieces of small exercise equipment and a little floor space.  Boom!  You are ready!!

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